We want...

YOU! :)


PHP Developer

As you can see on our homepage we're running range of cool products & services. 

We'd like to further expand our product portfolio, and are looking for highly skilled & efficient developers. 

Most of our products are coded in PHP - esp. Laravel and WordPress - and vue.js. 

Tasks may include: 


  1. Strong skills & high efficiency in PHP development
  2. High responsiveness 
  3. Honest / easy to work with (you'll get the same in return!)
  4. Fair charging rates
  5. Long-term availability (it only makes sense for us to invest in you if we know you'll stick around for a long time)

Your benefits: 

It's a great opportunity, trust us. 

Please apply by sending an email to join (at) inisev (dot) com by stating how you meet the criteria above. 

Looking forward to your application! :)


Also note: If you know any good coders and refer them to us, and we end up hiring them, you'll get financial rewards. Contact us for details.