InHa release has launched!

At the end of the day, or life, what matters most is how much we did to improve the lives of others.

In this spirit, we launched It’s a platform where charities can find volunteers & contributors, and vice versa. It’s driven by the insight that many people want to do good—not only with money, but also skills or resources—but don’t know where to start.

Besides matchmaking, the site also aims to provide a platform for discussion on how to do good, addressing questions such as “Should our efforts be solely focused on happiness, or are there other values to consider?” “How do we weigh human happiness against that of other animals?” or “What causes are most effective in driving positive change?”

The platform is available for everyone to use, completely free and without limitations. We encourage you to dive right in and let the world know what you think about it on RateItAll. Thank you!


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